Police in Lunenburg concluded that the teammates of a 13-year-old biracial football player on the high school's freshmen and JV football teams were not responsible for the racist graffiti found on the home of 13-year-old Isaac Phillips' parents on Nov. 15. State and local officials executed a search warrant of the home of the player on Tuesday but declined to comment on the search warrant. No arrests were made, but the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports that police left the home with "a brown bag folded over halfway down."

On Monday, Lunenburg Police Chief James P. Marino said in a news release that investigators haven't found any "conclusive" evidence linking the football team to the incident.

Now the Boston Globe claims that with the football team cleared, this might have all been a hoax.

The search took place a day after police said they had concluded that the football team was not involved in the graffiti and said they were investigating other suspects. That has spawned speculation in the town of nearly 10,000 people that the message left on the home's foundation last month was a hoax.

The team forfeited the remainder of its season after the racial slurs were found on the foundation of Anthony Phillips', father of the 13-year-old football player, home on Chase Road. Phillips' father is black and his mother is white.


The Boston Globe reports that Phillips' parents were walking around the property while police searched their home, but neither would comment on the investigation.

"You all can camp out here all night. I have no comment," Anthony Phillips told the Globe.