I didn't get to listen to Toucher & Rich yesterday morning, but they made sure to fill me in on the disaster that was Gary Tanguay filling in for Rich yesterday.

They made sure to bring everyone up to speed on what was a car crash of an interview that Tanguay hijacked and burned to the ground with his CSNNE colleague Trenni Kusnierek, who is in Sochi reporting on the Olympics for NBC — which is owned by Comcast.

The best part? When Tanguay makes a not so subtle joke about writing a fake novel about a reporter from Wisconsin covering the Olympics who is kidnapped. Kusnierek grew up in Wisconsin, is a reporter and is covering the Olympics in an area of the world that doesn't have a great track record of being "safe." Tanguay made the joke because both Toucher and Kusnierek made a slight joke about Tanguay's habit of writing novels and screenplays while at work that will never see the light of day. Apparently he was offended or thought he could be funny. It didn't work, but, then again, most of what he contributed didn't help either.

Also, apparently Tanguay doesn't know how to look at anyone while he's working in radio. I guess it's no surprise why he and the Sports Hub parted ways in 2010. Tanguay was part of the midday show originally.

Listen to the mash-up and best moments of the interview here. Or you can listen to the entire interview here.